Morrisons – Going Behind The Shop Front

Morrisons – Going Behind The Shop Front

Through its Work Ready programmes, DYW Dumfries and Galloway strengthens the links between young people and employers and helps prepare young people for the world of work, while at the same time securing the future of the region’s businesses.

In early 2016, DYW DG approached Morrisons Supermarket in Stranraer to discuss the possibility of Morrisons being involved in a programme to engage with the local young workforce and school leavers.  The purpose of Morrisons’ involvement was to make young people aware of the job opportunities available to them in supermarket retail. As a result of DYW’s partnership with Morrisons, the store saw increased interest in careers with the company, and positive feedback from local schools.

Eleanor Agnew, People Manager of Morrisons, Stranraer said, “As a retailer in a rural location we rely solely on recruiting from within this area and succession planning from our current workforce.  We need to make people aware that a good career can be found in supermarket retail and if you wished to progress, career opportunities are also available.”

A key part of DYW DG’s involvement was helping the supermarket prepare for their experience. Using Morrisons’ own promotional literature on employment, development and progression, DYW DG helped Morrisons put together a presentation that would highlight the opportunities available to school leavers and the young workforce in supermarket retail. The pupils who attended the session at Stranraer Academy responded very positively to the experience. They told their teachers and DYW that they left with a better understanding of how the food retail sector operates, and now understood that working in supermarket retail does not just mean working in the actual supermarket, but also being able to work in an extensive range of jobs from manufacturing, logistics and IT, to Head Office and retail.

Eleanor Agnew said, “I found the whole experience very rewarding and an eye opener to what young people actually think supermarket retail entails. I enjoyed working with DYW DG, who were driven, enthusiastic and passionate about delivering a programme that would not only be inspiration to the young people but beneficial to the business. My visit to the local secondary school, though daunting a first, was well worth it.  I’m sure now that the young people and the businesses have experienced what DYW have to offer, they will continue to work in partnership. I would definitely recommend a partnership with DYW and I look forward to working on other projects with DYW DG team.”

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DYW DG has helped Morrisons to make Stranraer's young workforce in aware of the good career options in supermarket retail, as well as opportunities for career progression. With DYW’s help, we created a schools' presentation to highlight the opportunities available within Morrisons to school leavers and the young workforce, which gave local pupils a better understanding of how the food retail sector operates. I would definitely recommend a partnership with DYW DG and I look forward to working on other projects with the DYW D&G team.

Eleanor, People Manager, Morrisons, Stranraer


At Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES), we are committed to advancing equality of opportunity. The partnership we have established with DWY DG will allow us to reach out to more young people, including young women. We want to highlight the variety of roles and careers in the industry and encourage young people to consider an apprenticeship with FES as a pathway into a career in forestry, and DYW DG are important and valued partners in this process.

Ashley Woodhouse, Forest Enterprise Scotland

DYW DG has helped Bank of Scotland give young people in Stranraer new avenues in which to explore opportunities locally and in the wider region. Our talk at Stranraer Academy, arranged by DYW, gave students and parents the opportunity to understand the options available in the local area. With DYW's help and support, Bank of Scotland have been able to reach out to the local community and give young people in the area an idea of what retail banking involves.

Craig Daniel, Manager, Bank of Scotland, Stranraer branch

SRUC’s Barony Campus students were given a unique entrepreneur opportunity thanks to DYW DG and Chamber of Commerce partnership working and support for the introduction of the ‘Entrepreneur Aspire’ Award. SRUC looks forward to offering this entrepreneur opportunity next academic year, with a possible option to include other regions within Scotland. It is a pleasure to work with DYW DG, who are so enthusiastic and supportive of our students and their business aspirations for the future.

Julie Parker, Senior Tutor, SRUC Barony Campus

When recruiting our new trainees, DYW DG's input and co-ordination between agencies helped invaluably in guiding us through what assistance was available and the processes therein. We would certainly use DYW’s contacts and again, especially accessing young talent.

Susan Sutherland, Crichton Executive Officer