McLaughlin Harvey and DG1

McLaughlin Harvey and DG1


Joinery, electrical and plumbing are key parts of the business of McLaughlin Harvey, the company responsible for the recent upgrades to the DG1 entertainment complex in Dumfries.  To meet the continued demand in the construction sector, the company will need to continue to recruit apprentices and qualified employees in the next few years.  With this in mind, McLaughlin Harvey worked with DYW DG to encourage high school pupils in Dumfries and Galloway to learn more about the sector to encourage awareness of career options into the industry.

Engaging with the next generation was not yet a full part of the company corporate strategy and when senior management at the company were introduced to programme managers at DYW DG, they recognised the potential for working with young people.  Joining the DYW DG originated DG Construction forum, they began discussing preparing work ready projects.

With a main priority of attracting new apprentices, the DYW team were able to advise a strategy on how to do this as well as raise the profile of themselves and the job roles they offer.  DYW arranged several days based at the company's working site at DG1.  Annan Academy pupils were keen to take part and were given a first hand experience of the entire site including a (then) exclusive tour of the facility and the upgrading that was taking place.  

The pupils took part in dedicated workshops and given tasks to complete which covered joinery, electrical and plumbing processes.  

Evan Peat of James Frew Ltd a partner in the DG1 upgrade said "The feedback from the workshops were very positive and we felt that the young people who attended were really engaged with the idea of joining the industry,  They clearly liked the idea of the different pathways available to them, not just going to College or moving out of the region.  They had lots of questions about the career options especially in electrical and plumbing."

"Going forward we would like to look at other sorts of workshops including looking at how we can show young people design, planning, project management and construction techniques.  Through this they can see that the industry had many job and career possibilities."

Claire Biggar is McLaughlin Harvey's site administrator at DG1. " The work with DYW has been really valuable to us.  It's helped introduce us to a new younger generation and it is especially helped us to understand how to connect with young people, what they want from their future careers and how to market and advertise our roles in the future."

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Working in partnership with DYW DG, we have had great success in targeting potential future candidates in areas to suit our operational activities within Dumfries and Galloway. Since our involvement with DYW D&G, we have successfully recruited 11 trainees within Dumfries Galloway over the last 18 months and discussed our various training programmes with around 2,500 of our young people at a number of events.

Kenny Bowie, Head of Planning and Design, SPEN, Dumfries.


SRUC’s Barony Campus students were given a unique entrepreneur opportunity thanks to DYW DG and Chamber of Commerce partnership working and support for the introduction of the ‘Entrepreneur Aspire’ Award. SRUC looks forward to offering this entrepreneur opportunity next academic year, with a possible option to include other regions within Scotland. It is a pleasure to work with DYW DG, who are so enthusiastic and supportive of our students and their business aspirations for the future.

Julie Parker, Senior Tutor, SRUC Barony Campus

The feedback from the pupils was fantastic and we were over the moon with how our first site visit went  – it was so exciting to hear how enthusiastic the young people were about a future career with the industry and how our different team members had inspired them to look at certain roles that they hadn’t necessarily thought about before.

Emma Porteous, Marketing Manager, Robinsons, Lockerbie


DYW DG has helped Bank of Scotland give young people in Stranraer new avenues in which to explore opportunities locally and in the wider region. Our talk at Stranraer Academy, arranged by DYW, gave students and parents the opportunity to understand the options available in the local area. With DYW's help and support, Bank of Scotland have been able to reach out to the local community and give young people in the area an idea of what retail banking involves.

Craig Daniel, Manager, Bank of Scotland, Stranraer branch

DYW DG has helped Morrisons to make Stranraer's young workforce in aware of the good career options in supermarket retail, as well as opportunities for career progression. With DYW’s help, we created a schools' presentation to highlight the opportunities available within Morrisons to school leavers and the young workforce, which gave local pupils a better understanding of how the food retail sector operates. I would definitely recommend a partnership with DYW DG and I look forward to working on other projects with the DYW D&G team.

Eleanor Agnew, People Manager, Morrisons, Stranraer