Helping Young People Step into Care

Helping Young People Step into Care

Working together, DYW DG, The Care Training Consortium (CTC) and Lowland Training Services put together an innovative 16 week Care Course for 18 to 25 year olds in Dumfries and Galloway, to introduce them to careers in the care sector.

The current population of Dumfries and Galloway is decreasing and getting older. By 2035, our region will need an extra 507 residential beds and 4600 hours of care home time, costing an extra £9.6 million. This is an increase of 57% of the service currently being delivered.  At present, new carers are not being recruited in sufficient numbers, and the rate at which carers leave the profession is around 85%.
To address this issue, DYW DG Programme Mangers, with partners The Care Training Consortium (CTC) and Lowland Training Services, put together an innovative 16 week Care Course 'Step into Care' for 18 to 25 year olds in the region, to introduce them to careers in the care sector
Step into Care participants were given the opportunity to gain not only certified care qualifications but also practical work experience and a guaranteed job interview. Participants were also given a realistic awareness of what it is like to work in the care sector.  In addition, an SQA Employability Award including the skills required to make effective job applications and how to be successful at interview were also included. 
Justin Thomas, DYW DG Programme Manager said, “Step into Care is a true example of what DYW is all about – identifying the requirements of our sectors in this region and then providing a service to address them, using relevant partnerships to ensure that our young people are supported and given the opportunities they need.”
Paula Mitchell, General Manager of the Care Training Consortium (CTC) said, “Step into Care gives young people a realistic introduction to the care sector. They can attend a supported programme of training and development, and have a mentored placement within a care setting, where they gain a view of what caring means and the positive impact it can have on an individual’s life.”

The Holywood Trust provided financial support for the programme. Holywood Trust Director, Karen Ward Boyce said, “The Trust welcomes this approach, to help young people better understand the potential of working in the care sector, the range of roles available and the value of this important work. We will be interested to see the outcomes of the pilot work in both Dumfries and Stranraer, and how young people locally respond to this excellent training opportunity.”
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SRUC’s Barony Campus students were given a unique entrepreneur opportunity thanks to DYW DG and Chamber of Commerce partnership working and support for the introduction of the ‘Entrepreneur Aspire’ Award. SRUC looks forward to offering this entrepreneur opportunity next academic year, with a possible option to include other regions within Scotland. It is a pleasure to work with DYW DG, who are so enthusiastic and supportive of our students and their business aspirations for the future.

Julie Parker, Senior Tutor, SRUC Barony Campus

As part of our School visit programme, working with DYW DG, we had the pleasure of attending Stranraer Academy. We received a very warm welcome and had a lovely day with the teachers and children. The children were so engaging and excited about the prospect of employment within the rail industry and we found the whole experience to be a humbling one. A huge thank you to DYW DG for organising!

Sandra Cahill, Project Manager, Scot Rail HR

DYW DG has helped Morrisons to make Stranraer's young workforce in aware of the good career options in supermarket retail, as well as opportunities for career progression. With DYW’s help, we created a schools' presentation to highlight the opportunities available within Morrisons to school leavers and the young workforce, which gave local pupils a better understanding of how the food retail sector operates. I would definitely recommend a partnership with DYW DG and I look forward to working on other projects with the DYW D&G team.

Eleanor Agnew, People Manager, Morrisons, Stranraer


Working in partnership with DYW DG, we have had great success in targeting potential future candidates in areas to suit our operational activities within Dumfries and Galloway. Since our involvement with DYW D&G, we have successfully recruited 11 trainees within Dumfries Galloway over the last 18 months and discussed our various training programmes with around 2,500 of our young people at a number of events.

Kenny Bowie, Head of Planning and Design, SPEN, Dumfries.


The feedback from the pupils was fantastic and we were over the moon with how our first site visit went  – it was so exciting to hear how enthusiastic the young people were about a future career with the industry and how our different team members had inspired them to look at certain roles that they hadn’t necessarily thought about before.

Emma Porteous, Marketing Manager, Robinsons, Lockerbie