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Countdown to a Bigger Bang!

Working with partners Energy Skills Partnership, Food and Drink Federation (Scotland), DG College and the Crichton Trust,  DYW DG was delighted to be instrumental in bringing the Big Bang Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) fair to Dumfries and Galloway on Friday April 20th 2018.  The event was a huge success with students, teachers, career advisors and businesses and now the team are back and planning the Big Bang DG 2019!
“The Big Bang Fair represents an important opportunity to increase awareness of STEM to youngsters in our region” says DYW Programme Manager, Justin Thomas.  “DYW DG is keen to support and help move forward the STEM agenda of the region, and ourselves along with our brilliant partners ESP, FDFS, DG College and the Crichton Trust are delighted that we were able to contribute. To now be planning the second one for 2019 is just fantastic!”
The Big Bang DG is located at the stunning grounds of the Crichton Trust’s business park in Dumfries with Easterbrook Hall and the historic Crichton Church Crypt hosting businesses, all of whom offer an interactive STEM activity to highlight exactly what they do and to inspire and inform our regions young people.

The inaugural 2018 event saw 12 secondary schools from across the region participating, with over 380 pupils in attendance. “We had over 40 businesses involved, the majority of which were local” says Justin. “They really committed!  Young people and the teachers interacted enthusiastically with exhibitors and it was superb to see them throwing themselves into the day and taking full advantage of the activities”
Teachers that attended all agreed that the Big Bang should play an important part in the STEM calendar in years to come. Joady Earl, Principal Teacher for Science at Dumfries High School agrees, “Bringing STEM to everybody and getting them to see the relevance in every day life is a challenge.  Science is open to all and there is access through different routes.  DYW DG and the Big Bang can show students how that can happen and why it’s useful to study science topics”
Wendy Findlay, Employer Support Manager at ESP and Engineering UK adds “Speaking to employers, we saw they were really happy. They inspired the students to engage and show the breadth of opportunities that lie within their industries. We are all delighted to be doing it all again in 2019!”
A follow up event will be held in 2019.

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The Big Bang DG is a DYW presentation of a ESP production in partnership with FDFS and DG College with the support of The Crichton Trust.



The feedback from the pupils was fantastic and we were over the moon with how our first site visit went  – it was so exciting to hear how enthusiastic the young people were about a future career with the industry and how our different team members had inspired them to look at certain roles that they hadn’t necessarily thought about before.

Emma Porteous, Marketing Manager, Robinsons, Lockerbie


SRUC’s Barony Campus students were given a unique entrepreneur opportunity thanks to DYW DG and Chamber of Commerce partnership working and support for the introduction of the ‘Entrepreneur Aspire’ Award. SRUC looks forward to offering this entrepreneur opportunity next academic year, with a possible option to include other regions within Scotland. It is a pleasure to work with DYW DG, who are so enthusiastic and supportive of our students and their business aspirations for the future.

Julie Parker, Senior Tutor, SRUC Barony Campus

Before DYW approached us, we didn’t have the confidence to consider employing a young person straight from school. We didn’t know quite what to expect, or even where to start looking for the right young person. But with DYW’s help, it became a quick and easy process. DYW put in the time – they came to visit us, were always there with help and support, and their enthusiasm for the young people who came to visit us really shone through and helped us engage with them.

Murray Farm Care


As part of our School visit programme, working with DYW DG, we had the pleasure of attending Stranraer Academy. We received a very warm welcome and had a lovely day with the teachers and children. The children were so engaging and excited about the prospect of employment within the rail industry and we found the whole experience to be a humbling one. A huge thank you to DYW DG for organising!

Sandra Cahill, Project Manager, Scot Rail HR

Working in partnership with DYW DG, we have had great success in targeting potential future candidates in areas to suit our operational activities within Dumfries and Galloway. Since our involvement with DYW D&G, we have successfully recruited 11 trainees within Dumfries Galloway over the last 18 months and discussed our various training programmes with around 2,500 of our young people at a number of events.

Kenny Bowie, Head of Planning and Design, SPEN, Dumfries.